Sweet Passions: Ramiro Fernandez Saus

9 November - 16 December 2017

Ramiro Fernandez Saus last exhibited in London in 2012, so it is with great excitement that we are able to present a new series of paintings based on the theme of the ‘Passions’.  In the last two decades Fernandez Saus has become one of the most well known Spanish artists of his generation. In 2005 he was given a retrospective at the Museum of Sabadell and his works are in the collections of the Reine Sofia in Madrid and the Albertina Museum in Vienna. Fernandez Saus has a particularly strong following in the UK of important collectors who remain passionate about his work.

Tigers, monkeys, parrots and sailors remain among the cast playing within the grounds of this garden, but characters also travel further afield on sea voyages to exotic lands, riding blue whales and writing love letters in ship cabins. Ramiro captures the imaginative thrill of discovering unexplored lands and encountering the mysterious and outlandish. Even within his interiors, patterned wallpapers become jungles.