John Monks at 60 Threadneedle Street: John Monks

27 September 2017 - 11 January 2018

‘In my life painting serves a dual purpose. It is my career but also my daily preoccupation and my way of engaging with the world around me.

The starting point for a work can be a very minor incident such as glimpsing a reflection of a room in a night time window. This subconscious prompt then takes on a life of its own and develops into an image that mirrors life but is in fact an invented reality.

A painting is, in some ways, never really finished. Rather it reaches a point were the original concept has more or less successfully been reached. This then provides the stimulus to create a new work building on the experience of its predecessor.

Every painting I make has for me, its own meanings and points of reference, however, rather than elaborate these, I think a work of art succeeds when the input of the artist is strong enough to allow the viewer to connect with it and form a narrative from their own experiences.’ \John Monks\