Ramiro Fernandez Saus: Prospecting the Inner Isles

Special Limited Edition Monograph of 100
Andrew Lambirth, 2019

The book is a compilation of works from the last twenty years with a text written by Andrew Lambirth. Accompanying the launch of the Special Edition Monograph will be a retrospective exhibition. This will be comprised of selected paintings, sculptures and prints dating back to early works created while Saus was a young artist, awarded a scholarship at the Delfina Studios in London, and exhibited in his initial exhibition with Long and Ryle in 1990.


ramiro fernadez Saus: Prospecting the Inner isles


This special edition will consist of a 228 page hardback (26 x 21cm) with 87 colour plates presented in a slipcase bound in cloth, designed by the artist and enclosing an original coloured etching made for the special edition. The special edition with the accompanying print will be signed and numbered by the artist.