Close to Home: Kate Corbett Winder

16 June - 16 July 2021


Long & Ryle are excited to be holding our first solo exhibition with Kate Corbett Winder. Corbett Winder is recognised as a highly accomplished painter and creative gardener, two entwined artistic expressions that lend inspiration and expression to each other.

Corbett Winder's paintings do not set out to be precise representations, but are expressions of the changing rhythm and colour of the landscape through the year. She draws outside using charcoal, pencil and pastel then uses oil paint back in the studio, sometimes adding blocks of collage to a composition: drawing inspiration from artists such as de Staël, Keith Vaughan and Patrick Heron.

Close To Home features work created during the turmoil of 2020 when journeys had to be close to home. Living in the Welsh Marches, Corbett Winder is surrounded by a landscape that inspires her in every season.