Date of birth                     03.10.54


Education                         Slade School of Art (1974-78)


Solo exhibitions            Long & Ryle, London 2017

                                               Long & Ryle, London 2013

                                               Long & Ryle, London 2010

                                               Long & Ryle, London 2007

                                               John Brown Publishing, London 2003

                                               Long & Ryle, London 2001

                                               Loewwood Museum, Herts 2000

                                                Long & Ryle, London 1998

                                                Long & Ryle, London 1996

                                               Hohental & Littler, Munich 1995

                                                Long & Ryle, London 1992


Selected exhibitions  John Moores Painting Prize 

                                               DRAW Art Fair

                                               Hunting Art Prizes

                                               Royal College of Art, London                                              

                                               Hunting Art Prizes

                                               Royal College of Art, London 

                                               London Contemporary Art Fair                                                                                                                                     Business Design Centre, London 

                                               Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London

                                               RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London

                                               Riverside Open,  Riverside Studios, London 

                                               Royal Overseas League,  Overseas House, London 

                                               John Player Portrait Award,  National Portrait Gallery, London


Awards                               John Moores Painting Prize (2020)

                                               Second Prize Hunting Art Prizes (1999)

                                               WinnerDiscerning Eye (1996)

                                               Richard Ford Award (1979)

                                               Windsor & Newton Award (1978)


Collections                      Bank of America Trust Ltd. 

                                               Banque Paribas