My practice mostly relates to the exploration of the emotive and instinctual, my main purpose being to use unorthodox expressions of colour, line and space. Although I am outwardly immersed in colourful chaos, this freedom of expression is necessarily underpinned by considered and formal elements of design, manifesting in tangible objects that reflect and focus on love and all that is beautiful in this World,

The method I use is intense, complex, solitary and silent, the studio being my devotional space, my purpose remaining constant regardless of material, method or outcome. I strive to achieve a palpable tension of opposites that is affecting on many levels. I also remain conscious of the fact that throughout history/prehistory pottery has carried the potential for expressive visual surface on a multitude of form, the complexity of which delves beneath transient fashion. 

I mainly work from memory and reflection, in ceramic form, using the concept of evolving process and organic abstraction to create colour, line and space, I merge background into object, object into background, suggestive, evocative and always open to interpretation.


I am trying to capture the power of enduring love, out there, in here, beyond the transient nature of this physical existence, beyond the rawness of being…always.

For one reason or another I have visited unusual situations and places throughout life. Clues as to what this life has been and still is, are evident in all that I embody, 

if looked for hard enough. I tend to travel inward for inspiration, nowadays my response to catastrophic events lying within my art practice, so it could be said that chaos and trauma inspire my work, but I prefer to think that my art is a relatively safe “antidote” to a particularly glum experience…But, I hope that the overriding essence of my work is to do with optimism andthe strangely positive power of enduring anger,my main aim being to focus on love and all that is beautiful in this World,whilst acknowledging a lurid reality that is historically based upon darkness and despair.I do hope that my work is about something ‘other’ than itself, awkward balance and seemingly naive pictorial narrative always present, always linked.


I believe that buried deep within us all, that we possess the primitive and inescapable character of a force of nature, art being a conduit for this raw state of being. I feel strongly that somehow, together we are journeying to the elemental creative core, the ceramic outcome being just one part of the ever flowing whole.


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