Kate Corbett Winder

Kate Corbett-Winder is inspired by the landscape of the Welsh borders where she lives. Her paintings do not set out to be precise representations, but are expressions of the changing rhythm and colour of the landscape and nature. She is fascinated by the pattern of fields and often resolves a painting by looking at it from an aerial viewpoint. She works on board, enjoying a surface that can be built up and then endlessly changed and scratched away   to reveal traces of her first marks .

Corbett-Winder is also a passionate gardener and divides her time between the garden and studio.  Like many artist gardeners she uses her garden as a laboratory for  her art; flower beds are living palettes for experiments in colour, texture and tone, structure and layout. Although Corbett-Winder has been gardening for thirty years she only recently turned to the garden as a subject for her art, suddenly inspired by the  coral poppies flowering  beside black dianthus and lime euphorbias .   

Over the years Corbett-Winder's palette has grown more exuberant; in both garden and canvas she has moved from muted greys, greens and blues to more vivid magenta, purple and orange, accented with blocks of dark  shape and scribble. Kate’s work is richly textured, multi layered provocative and exhilarating.Her approach is gestural and while she has no interest in botanical accuracy, her intimate knowledge of each flower imbues her art with authenticity.